Wednesday, October 07, 2009

CRB plus ID

Dear Editor
Next Year we are told that anyone who has dealings with children will have to have a Criminal Records Bureaux Check to see if they are not paedophiles (so a change in English Law Guilty till proven innocent). It seems these draconian measures will extend to people attending a Children’s sports and other event etc, rumours has it that if you working in environment where children are you will need a CRB check i.e. shop keepers, ice cream salesman etc. I think it is disgraceful that we are all considered perverts until we can prove different but I wonder if there is alternative reason for the Governments obsession with CRB? Could it be that that all the information you put on the revised CRB form could form the basis of an ID Card, so we would get ID Cards on the cheap because it is the individual who pays for a CRB Check

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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