Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steve Gately & Stephen Friar

There has been a lot said about this Pop Musician Steven Gately, it seems Stephen Friar got right of his box because some women in the Daily Mail wrote an article suggesting that his life style was the cause of his death I took this to mean Drugs, Booze, Parties etc but the Pink Mafia including Stephen Friar ( I might add some one who I have a lot of respect for and some one who has not used his Homosexuality to promote his career) took it to mean he died because he was Homosexual. They then orchestrated a Twitter rampage to castigate the Femail reporter, not the first time this has been done. The Daily Mail organised a survey a Gypsies getting preferential Hospital Treatment over the rest of us, those of us who live in the real world would have said that is wrong, No not the World of Twitters they feel they are superior to the ordinary person in the street, mind you I expect most have Private health care so it will not affect them Twitterers claim victory over loaded Daily Mail gypsy poll
My main point is that this Stephen Gately may have been a wonderful person and it is a tragedy that a man of his age should die but he was only a Pop Singer! Our soldiers who are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan do not get that amount of coverage and they died for their country. Some commentators have said he was brave to come out as a Homosexual what is brave about that? surely it is a requisite of those in the entertainment business to tell people they are Homosexual, what is Brave is fighting for your Country. I expect at the next X Factor Simon Cowell will ask for a minute silence. Steve Gately death was a tragedy for his family and friends but he was only a Pop Star not a national Hero

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