Thursday, October 01, 2009

Unmarried Mothers

Dear Editor
I like most of the country are sick to death of this Government and can not wait to see them go, but they did say something at their Party conference and that was having Young Single Mothers put into supervised hostels. For to long these freckles young women have been given housing and all the benefits that go with it, yet they have contributed nothing, it has been suggested that some deliberately get pregnant purely to get a house. These supervise hostel with tutors to teach them not only to be good mothers but can also train them so when their children are old enough they can get employment to repay their debt to society. It will also be a warning to others not to fall into the same trap, yet I can not understand why u 17’s are automatically given flats? If they are living with their parents why don’t they look after them or something really radical why not get the fathers of these babies to pay and if they not earning get his parents to help out. The positive side will also be there will be more houses and flats on the market the downside knowing this government they will all go to immigrants

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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