Friday, October 02, 2009

EU President Tony Blair

So Tony Blair is to become President of the European Union

Those people who believe in the EU tell us that it is a Democratic organisation yet we have a man Tony Blair who is not a MP or MEP, a man who has no mandate from the voters of the EU being appointed not elected as President NOW what understanding of the word Democratic have I missed?

When this new treaty is brought into fruition, the British Government and Parliament become an irrelevance, no more then a debating society. So when the Executive (EU) refuses to listen to the people, they the executive become a Dictatorship with Tony Blair at its head. This will lead to civil unrest firstly done peacefully but when that achieves nothing there will be violent insurrection. Never happen the UK I hear you say, it will not start in the UK but this dictatorship affects other peoples of Europe and they have a history of violent insurrection and it will spread eventually to the UK. People who support the EU in its present form are traitors to their country and to the people of Europe, as for the Politicians the majority are only there to feather their own nest, they care little for the people of EU as long as they get their pot of Gold.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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