Monday, October 12, 2009


The latest rage in Schools is SHAG BANDS these bands worn around the wrist are an invitation to perform sexual acts depending on what happens to the band this was related to me and others by a 14 year old schoolgirl. The definition of Shag is :1) To have sexual intercourse, 2) A sea bird, A small cormorant, 3) A form of rough pipe tobacco, 4) A thick pile on a carpet. On this particular occasion Shag refers to No 1. So now Sexual Intercourse which at one time was called Making Love normally done between married couples and later between loving couples has now been downgraded to something you do in playtime or in between playing your Nintendo. Do those we look up to for Moral Guidance School Teachers, Church etc do any thing about this NO this school girl has told me and others that is just a fun thing which teachers join in with (this I find hard to believe I hope) but you break a band you have to get pregnant! So much for the New Mantra of Teaching Relationships to our Children, I have for many years said those experts who continually bleat on about teaching more and more sex education and teaching it to even younger children, now they want it taught to 5 year olds, has been proven wrong. The more you teach the more teenage pregnancies increase the more sexual related disease go up and the more broken relationships there are maybe the time has come to look back to the 1950’s with a bit more reverence then disdain and remember the 1960’s as the start of the corruption of our Morals by people who own sexual tastes should be investigated.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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