Saturday, September 04, 2010

British Justice a Joke

My wife recently had to go to court over a bump at the traffic light in her car. She had a bump with another care which according to her there was no damage. The other driver blamed her for the bump and tried to claim nearly a £1000, my wife could have taken the easy route and agreed she was in the wrong but she felt that the other driving was abusing the system.

The court was heard round a table with a female Judge my wife’s claim was that the other driver rolled back while stopped at the Traffic lights the other driver claimed the opposite say she had an automatic and could not run back.

The case was read out and before both parties could say their piece the Judge commented that she had an automatic and it could not run back I said yes it can if it is in neutral, which I was chastised by the Judge for speaking as I was just a spectator.

You can guess the outcome my wife lost her case but my question was the Judge Neutral? Her opening statement told us that she had a preconceived notion of what had happen, more importantly the notion was not based on fact.

The case was basically won because the women said she was in drive and could not run backwards, this is true if she was in drive but that was her word only, the Judge never ever considered the following

1) The driver was lying

2) Is it safe to stop at the traffic lights while in drive

3) Is normal practice to be stationary and leave it drive? I would consider this dangerous

4) As the lights changed could she not have stalled the car? To restart you have to apply the handbrake, select neutral and start the ignition

5) Maybe if this happened the driver could have forgot to apply the handbrake and rolled back

6) Lastly the defence stated that an automatic can not roll freely if that is the case why have a handbrake?

It did not cost my wife anything only time and worry but we both agreed it was an experience we would not have missed. It has confirmed our belief that the concept of Justice in the word British Justice is a contradiction and something we have question over the Labour years and now we have to faith in at all.

Would we repeat the exercise NO in future In future we will be the three monkey’s See nothing, hear nothing and say nothing, well nearly all three the last one will be impossible for me, after seeing British Justice in action you can understand why the public do not want to get involved. If all Judges are as arrogant and self opinionated as the one Justice has no chance

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