Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A letter from Curt


Always a pleasure to read your emails. I just read the blog on how the English have copied how the American's take advantage of the older generation. Could never understand how they help those who don't work and save, but take away from those that do. Where is the incentive to achieve. That would be like letting a slacker be given a black belt in judo and taking away a black belt from a senior who happens to have a bad tournament. Government never makes sense. Politicians gain power by giving away programs and benefits to those who don't want to work and earn it. They are kept in power as long as they are allowed to give away benefits. They take from the hard workers to have the benefits. The hard workers are busy working and don't realize what is being given away. The politician stays in office by giving more and more away... Until there is no more for those who are willing to work for it.. Then they have nothing. Government will eventually fail. Great writing. Yes, they do steal houses, plus..

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