Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Pope, Peter Tatchell and Me

Popes Visit

As someone who was brought up as a Roman Catholic I obviously have in interest in the Popes Visit not particularly where he goes but what is says and what other people say about him. I have to admit I stopped going to Mass when I was about 19 years of age, not through any revolt against the Church I just preferred to go to the Cinema with my mates and my girlfriend now my wife. So eventually got out of the habit of being a Church goer plus back in the 1960’s the Mass was still in Latin, yet I never really lost the faith, that became apparent to me when my Mum was dying some 6 years when I was panicking because no one had called her priest to give her the last rites. Both my parents were Catholic my mother was religious, my father went along with my mother when she insisted my brother and myself went to Mass plus all the Holy Days of Obligation, he detested the church. His father a 6ft 2ins 18 stone Irishman would insist on him and his sisters attending Mass twice every Sunday and would take the belt to them if they were late, funny enough he never spoke of this it was Aunts and other people who told me. What he did tell me was that his school life was horrific being beaten by Nuns and the Teacher, I heard many a story from my Aunts how when one particularly vicious Women Teacher was beating my father his two sisters jumped on her back to stop her, so when my mother suggested sending us to a RC School my father put his foot down and said NO. Thank God things have changed since then.

The Popes visit was marred by the Sexually abuse scandals by Priests, a terrible thing for the those who had been abused, I remember talking to my mother about how can a Priest be a member of the IRA and why doesn’t the Church throw them out she would always reply “They are wicked Human Beings not the Church” very true but what also was wicked was the Churches idea over covering up these hideous crimes and letting the guilty go unpunished. This happened on a local level I mentioned my father beatings at school by a Miss Lodge the local Catholics new about this but nothing was done, when I was about 14 a priest came to our door and asked my father for a donation to Miss Lodge who had just died my father replied “ I would not give the dirt of my shoes for that evil vicious cow” then slammed the door in the priest face. This caused uproar with my mother who shouted “Cannot do that to a priest” he replied “ I can and I have and tell them lot not to come round here again” Yet he still wanted a Catholic funeral, so even he knew the difference between Man and Church.

My point is that cover up were not unusual in the Church nor come to that any institution but what I find really nauseating is that so called celebrities, left wing activist are using the abuse of those people as a stick to beat the Catholic religion and promote their own agenda people like Peter Tatchell the leader of the Pink mafia, Stephen Friar the Homosexual Actor who is promoting his book and Sally Berkow wife of the speaker who believes being Bisexual is normal and a group who should have special rights, I feel they are as disgusting as the paedophiles priest because they are revelling and benefiting form peoples misery.

The Pope had many good things to say especially about preserving Christian Festivals, he went on condemn our obsession with being hedonistic and let’s look at his attitude on Sex, he preaches sex should be within marriage an old fashioned idea and I expect all you youngsters and older ones who can not maintain a relationship laughing their heads off. Yet if you only have one partner for life and remain loyal there is little or no chance of catching a Sexual disease, Children would in most cases be brought into this world because they are wanted (This is not always the case suggesting a good argument for contraception in marriage) not born as a by product of some passing sexual encounter, Homosexual can not marry so a lot of Homosexual diseases would decrease, society as whole would benefit because there would be less single parents needing state handouts etc.

Yet our left wing friends, our atheist friends and our secular friends do not want this they believe the new religion should be Hedonism (Pleasure seeking, high living, intemperance, self indulgence, profligacy, self satisfaction, self gratification, self denial all word s meaning Hedonism) and since the 1960’s this has been their agenda a small group of fanatics who now have become the heads of our Government, Schools, Town halls etc and what have they succeeded in doing:

1) Sex has become a pastime like going out for beer something you enjoy doing when ever you like and with who ever you like.

2) Drugs are part of the norm with this group

3) Sexual disease is just an occupational hazard

4) There is no such things as a perverted sexual act every taste must be gloried and each of these must be classified and given separate opportunities like positive discrimination in jobs.

This has now given us Sexual Disease at its highest ever recorded levels which has to be paid for by us taxpayers not only the treatment but the research as well, imagine how much money could be saved and redirected to illness which is not self inflicted. The youngest teenage pregnancies record in the free world and this in spite of massive publicity of contraception, which is now being offered to girls as young as 12 without parental consent. This is costing the taxpayer millions in maintaining what used be called Bastards (children born out of wedlock) it is also costing the environment because no longer do we have one house for a child in most cases two houses are required one for the mother and one for the father. Catholic adoption agencies being force to close because they will not entertain the Social Experiment of Homosexuals adopting children. All surveys have found that the best environment to bring up a child is in a Married family this is followed by a Man and women in a long time relationships. Are estates are filled with one parent families with feral kids who real family becomes the gang they are in. This may not be the case all the time some single parents do a good job in bringing up their children but they are a very small minority. All this started because a group of academics and celebrities wanted the justification to have sex with anything that walked or slithered across the ground male, female or animal.

So there you have it the old religions which have their faults or the new religion of Hedonism. I know which one I will stick with.

Martin Clarke

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