Monday, September 27, 2010

Positive discrimination

Positive discrimination in the work place is not only a disgrace and unfair but totally undemocratic

This has been my opinion for years I believe that people should be judged on their ability not on there sexual persuasion, sex or ethnic origin. Those who support this scheme continually suggest that these are very large minorities in the work place this may be the case with Women and maybe ethnic minorities but this definitely not the case with Homosexuals and I quote 23 Sep 2010 ... Figures from Office of National Statistics tell us that 1.5% of Britons say they are gay or bisexual much lower than the most commonly used estimate of 5% to 7%. No one in their right can call that a large minority so why are White Heterosexual Men treated so badly? What is wrong with being chosen on your ability?

Positive discrimination has the opposite effect, some one who is Homosexual, female or of an ethnic background gets a job you automatically think they got their because of what they are rather then what they a capable off, which could be totally untrue. Modern firms and government agencies want the best, so make it illegal for a Job application to ask your sexual persuasion, your country of origin (are you a British Subject will suffice) or your religion

Martin Clarke

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