Tuesday, September 07, 2010

State steal houses

Our Local MP is campaigning for Free Rail Travel for pensioners I am not to sure all pensioners should get this and believe it should be based on need but the one thing I am pleased about is that Gordon is highlighting the plight of pensioners.

Recently a friend of mines Aunt died in her nineties a good innings Yes for her and the state. Why the state well let me explain:

My friend and his sister were heirs to his aunts estate, I say estate it was some savings and a small house, because she had this when she was put into care they had sell her house and all her goods to pay for her upkeep in the Care home, yet this women had paid her taxes and her National Insurance all her life a National Insurance scheme that was meant to protect her all her life. If my friend Aunt had not saved and not had the audacity to own her own house she would have been looked after at the expense of the National Insurance Scheme, you will notice I did not use the word Taxpayer because the two should be different. National Insurance is paid separately from your tax and is an Insurance Scheme which is run by the government rather then a private company, so when you join the scheme you are offered a scheduled policy which if this is were a private company they have to abide by so why is the Government allowed to change the boundaries?

I say she would have got the service free but I am told that once the money runs out your siblings/relatives have to contribute to the care that could mean Grandchildren. There were ways round this I.e., you good gift a property and as long as you live 7 years there would no comeback

Now these are not Multi Millionaires they are just people her own their house and maybe have a small business who have paid Tax and NI all their lives why should they have to pay again when the lazy, frivolous and feckless pay nothing yet again.

So the Government gain because they do not have to pay out and the owner of the Care homes gain because they get a mass of money, yet this latest government tells us we should save more and be more independent WHAT FOR?

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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