Thursday, September 23, 2010

This man twists the truth

Dear Editor

In Last weeks EGG Barry Pearson in a piece entitled “Get a Grip on the real Issues” totally misrepresented what I said in an article in your paper I never said I thought we should get rid of ½ of the Police, I am not going to repeat my letter just to say that he can read it again on my Blog The ‘Stop the Rot’ report published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary showed that last year, 3.5million incidents of anti-social behaviour were reported, this proved what I was saying that the Police are mismanaging their resources, can I also point out that for over 15 years I have been complaining through your letters page about cyclists on Foot Paths and the danger they impose, in your paper last week their was a report of an incident that proved my point , this was where a man and women on cycles kicked a girl because she was in his way on a pavement apart from being a Thug it shows cyclists on pavement are a danger, menace and rude but thankfully after a 15 year wait the Police will applying the law of the land by fining them if they are on the pavement, maybe the next thing is to check road worthiness of cycles and whether they have lights.

To finalise Barry Pearson should get to grips himself this country has massive debts mainly brought on by his Labour Government and we all must pay for the their mistakes and the European Union is an issue we pour Billions of pounds into this inefficient bureaucracy and very little back in return by withdrawing form the EU we could invest that money in correcting our own debt

Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne

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