Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come back Churchill

Labour back to Union Power

So Ed Miliband is the new Labour Party so back to the days when the Unions rule the Labour Party, one good thing is it will keep Labour out of power for a decade at least.

The joke about the Labour conference they are telling this pretty insipid Coalition Government how to save the economy yet they are responsible for the mess we are in as for the Unions they are flexing their muscles ruining everyone holiday plans so their members can keep their freebies and threatening massive disruption if the government make any cuts. Yet where were they when British companies and their share holders were sacking British Workman and replacing them with cheap foreign labour? No where they could not be seen being non PC and being anti foreigner it was better for them to see British Subjects suffer.

The Unions could have done a lot of good stopping the evil side of Capitalism, here in Kent we have most farmers refusing to employ British Subjects and we have factories in Sittingbourne who are doing the same, they have the regular excuses we only deal with agency workers, British do not want the jobs they are to lazy, British want to much money and only want to work a 40 hour week yet the truth is they make a bigger profit with foreigner workers this is called greed, These companies to not even consider their fellow British Subjects, they are there to be trodden on and if need be left to live in squalor and hunger. Having your own business is not just about profit but is by helping yourself you help your fellow countryman.

Now we have an open door to benefit tourists: EU warns Britain it can't stop thousands more migrants claiming welfare handouts, if the Tories had honoured their pledges and got rid of this terrible Human Rights Act we would not be in this mess and this Coalition Government tell us they will prevent it happening, Pigs might Fly when will the British People stand up against this European Union Dictatorship we are honouring the people of the Battle of Britain for saving us from a European Dictator 70 years later we have one and have been invaded by people who are not wanted.

WHEN OH WHEN will another WINSTON CHURCHILL appear and get rid of these EU quislings

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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