Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bar B Q

On Saturday I was invited to a Bar b Q at my old School friend Trevor Jordan and his wife Kendall. They live in what I thought was a little cottage in Borden, was I surprised. They have done a marvellous job with the cottage keeping the cottage feel but by building a conservatory it become bright and spacious. Plus they have a large Garden I have known Trevor for 56 years and did not realise he had green figures, it was a real treat sitting outside on a beautiful Summer Evening and with the smell of roses it was quintessentially English.
My wife says I like the sound of my own voice this is true when I am sober but when I have had a few drinks there is no stopping me, well there was one occasion when I sat on a wooden chair and collapsed sending me to the ground with an almighty crunch.
There was about a dozen of us and reminiscing does make you feel young again, talking about things we done as kids, then teenagers and then having the kids. In my mind I am still 30 but in the photos there is this elderly bloke who they tell is me.
One of Trevor’s older Brothers Brian is 74 and has been wheel chair bound for 20 years yet he has always got a smile on him still loves a drop of whiskey. He said to me the reason he can smile as he has had a good life when he was a young Teddy Boy he used to enjoy a pint and a scrap, done his national Service in Germany and loved it, became a lorry driver, then bought and sold houses and was involved with the local Boxing club what a great life he said. Well if he is happy just give me a glass of what he is drinking
Thanks Trevor and Kendall

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