Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bring Back Poll Tax and beware of Gollie

Poll Tax was faire then Council Tax an elderly women recenty went to court for refusing to pay her Council tax. She said that her husband had died but instead of her Council Tax dropping by 50% it dropped only 25% the same is with my flats if a single person is in ocupation they pay 75% not 50% and when the flat is empty for 6 months I the owner have to pay 100% for an empty flat. Then there are the houses with many adults only one pays Council tax, My House has 4 bedsits I am the only one who pays Council tax those in the bedsits pay nothing my council tax is the same as next door married couple with 4 children. I notice the great unwashed are not starting Council Tax riots

See the women who being investigated by the Police for putting a Golliwog in her window in the next article Police complained they did not have enough Police for the riots I wonder why

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