Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Judges and Legal Experts do not live on our planet

There are many reasons why our Society is broken lets look at some who run our legal system 1: Keil Starmer Director of Public Prosecution (Never heard of him nor have I) A lefty who used to be a defence lawyer, he thinks some Judges were to harsh with rioters, he thinks the Human Rights Laws do not go far enough a quote from Richard Littlejohn "If he can’t distinguish between a criminal mob, co-ordinating arson, violence and theft on an industrial scale, and a drunk putting his boot through a bus shelter on a Saturday night, he’s in the wrong job."2) Cherie Blair the Judge wife of Tony who has made a fortune out of the Human Rights Act and let a Drug Dealer of with what was basically a caution, (on appeal he was sentenced by a sensible Judge for three years) She failed spectacularly to become an MP, she campaigned ferociously for Britain to adopt the European convention. When her husband became Prime Minister, her wish came true.
Tony Blair called the incorporation of foreign human rights statutes into British law
Those Blairs no how to make money and I thought being a Prime Minister meant looking after the country as a whole? Not an excuse to feather your own nest
3) Judge Fiona Henderson tells us that 'Squatters aren't criminals and can be GOOD for society': Judge orders council to publish list of empty homes in its area

These Judges and so legall experts do not have a clue about Real People and real life, most seem to use the legal system to get involved in Polatics and become MP's They are the new Pigs who have their heads in the trough

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