Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cameron shame on you

Cameron now wants a United States of Europe worse then the EU this man has got go he reneged on nearly everything he said in the Election
he said he would re look at Europe and we were foolish enough to think he wanted out instead he wants to get rid of our sovereignty SHAME ON HIM he promised to cut immigration it has risen SHAME ON HIM he promised British Jobs for Britain's there has been a massive downturn in British Builders in employment and a massive upturn in Foreign builders SHAME ON HIM He said he would get rid o the Human Rights act he has not SHAME ON HIM He said he would bring back Law and order no way SHAME ON HIM I am sorry to say as a Conservative he is only a talker This country needs another Maggie not a re incarnation of Tony Blair What choice is their between the 3 parties NONE I hope a few Conservative MP's with guts start to realise that Britain is for the British Not a play thing for rich Politicians

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