Monday, September 26, 2011

Graham and Lynn Jacobs

The years seem to go like a speeding bullet; I expect all of us in our 60’s plus think that. It seems like yesterday that I was attending friends weddings, then christenings, then their kids weddings and now I am attending 40th wedding anniversary ( I had mine last year). In a time when marriage and long term relationships are treated like some long time archaic ritual by the intelligentsia it is a pleasure to see that traditional things like marriage can work.

On this occasion I was invited to Graham and Lynn Jacobs 40th wedding anniversary, Graham with his brother run the very successful A & A Covers. What they both decided was to have the celebration at the place where they celebrated their wedding Bobbing Village Hall, this event was not a big elaborate affair but gathering of Family, Friends,  Not the normal Disco affair but we were entertained by the very talented Jacobs family. Keyboard player Bradley Jacobs (Grahams son) got his group together to entertain, then came Natalie Jacobs (Keith’s Daughter) a Folk singer followed by Keith on the Bagpipes and the finally was the Jacobs Brothers doing a tasteful striptease ( I was told to say that). Who needs to watch that plastic X Factor when you had local talent on the doorstep?

Well done Graham and Lynn great do, have put something on Youtube for you not very good quality though

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