Friday, September 23, 2011

Caravan Dwellers in Essex

The so called Irish Travellers have know gone back to the High Court to stop the Council Evicting them. One of the many excuses when is a Caravan not Caravan they have asked the Judge to decree on what a caravan is! Now theses Irish Travellers who no longer travel, maybe they should be classified as a Caravan People or Mobile Home people have spent a fortune on courts cases, why did they just not buy houses with the money they obviously have bucket loads that why the can have housing estate built in Eire or maybe they should pay fro the elderly couple who are very sick to go into hospital

Have you heard all the do goodies sticking up for them what a Pius bunch of hypocrites, they have broken Planning Law Full Stop

Sorry no bus today chave Ise demonstrating to maintain my cultral eritage Fing is does my bum look big in this cushty cakker. take oath would Ise lie, on my babbies eyes this aint no joke 

I tel you bruv youse travellors do not make a mess
dat little biulding is for our casual workers

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