Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Human Rights a farce

To All Local Newspapers Editors

You are aware I am a frequent letter writer with 95% of them being rejected for publication, most of my letters are not always local so understandably they do not get printed . On this occasion I do hope you will consider the letter as effects everyone in the country and sometime it needs local papers to start making ripples which will make a wave to make this government act. I refer to

1)      Human Right Act

2)      Immigration

It has just been reported that several terrorists have been released and can not be deported because of the Human Rights Act, this coupled with the many more absurd incidents where evil people are using this act to further their ends must make every British Subject worry about their safety. Many people in Swale work or socialise in London the place where most terrorist act occur that is why this is a local issue.

David Cameron promised a to get rid of the Human Rights Act and because of commitment the Libdems he has renegade on his promise, like most of the things he promised. Yet not of the parties are bringing this question up at their Annual Conferences WHY?

People like me have been warning about mass immigration and have been called racist, last week the Labour Party admitted that their immigration policy was wrong and it had led to a drop in our living standards and loss of jobs for British Workers. David Cameron and Nick Clegg both promised to drop immigration numbers; the fact is immigration has increased WHY? Immigration is so large in this area you sometimes do not hear the English lanquage spoken in the High Street

I am happy with our Local MP and Council but this Coalition Government surpasses the last government for broken promises, maybe it is about time they started worrying about the people of Sittingbourne then putting all their energies in saving the World and their reputations

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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