Friday, September 02, 2011

Teachers back in charge, Pikeys want special rights, Bare Knuckle

At last! Teacher is back in charge: Tories pledge to end classroom chaos and the obsession with pupils' rights New Labour has destroyed discipline and respect in this country well done Education Secretary. Now Cameron how about dealing with these immigrants and the human rights Act

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I am not particularly anti pikey I have a few Gypsy friends and my sons God father is a Romany but why do they think they can ignore the law of the Land? I refer to the recent Planning dispute in Essex. Already Rent a Mob led by that silly women Vanessa Redgrave will turn the whole thing into a Bloodbath when it does happen Hope the thugs are treated in the same way as the rioters. Labour has encouraged Ethnic minorities to break the law. After saying that I have seen a few sites where travellers have settled with with 3 or 4 caravans and these area looked well kept and clean so if we made allowances for small groups to buy land and inhabit with say max 5 caravans they would easily be integrated into the community, they would pay council tax and income tax plus their children would go to local schools. The local council would monitor this on a regular basis.

While on the subject of travellers i watch a program called KNUCKLE it is a documentary covering Bare Knuckle Fighting with the travelling community. At first I thought that this would be a free for all but NO they had rules. It was a Boxing match without gloves and done in an open space, with no holding and no fouling, one was disqualified for biting. Only few were allowed to watch so it would not turn into a mass brawl. But I have to say there were some terrible miss matches, some fighters trained hard but others were just fat slobs and to see two fat men in their sixties fighting was laughable. Yet the winner purse was £30,000 not bad, have to admit if I was younger I would have a go as it was just punching and all they hit was the face because you could not get the on the ropes damage took a long time one match was 1&1/2 hours. If it included grappling you would never have the stamina to keep going. Interesting to watch but it was mainly threats about what they were going to do like WWF

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