Monday, March 19, 2012

Cameron and Featherstone should get the boot

David Cameron’s fixation about Homosexuals and Lesbians beggars belief, here we have a Prime Minster who refuses to listen to the public and believes everything is says must be right. I refer to his latest dictat where he says that Homosexuals and Lesbians should be allowed to marry even though the great majority of the public are against it. Once again he goes in feet first without weighing up the consequences this time it is the cost.

He appointed LibDem Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone who has now come up with the idea because of same sex marriages will see the words husband and wife, bride and groom and other such words, which will be removed from official forms. Tax and benefits guidance and immigration documents must be rewritten so they no longer assume a married couple is a man and a woman.
And private companies will be told to overhaul paperwork and computer databases containing the words.
This will cost £millions for government and business in a time when we are on the edge of bankruptcy and for what 1.5% of the population who in the last Census said they were not Heterosexual i.e. GAY. I only know two homosexuals and they train in our gym, both say all this fuss about Gay marriage is nonsense and they both thought Gays adopting was wrong, all they want is to be left alone and get on with their life.
So why does David Cameron so intent on promoting Gays is there something we do not know as for Lynne Featherstone she is a radical feminist who brought up two children by herself and has an obvious hatred of men. One thing is for sure both should be kicked out of the government and then out of parliament

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