Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dave's 40th Birthday I hate getting Old

Dave Wellsman 40th Birthday

Dave is one of my son’s John best mate and Valerie and myself have known him since he was 5 years old him and his brother and sister played Judo with us for well over 10 years, his parents were very active in organising tournaments. John often visited Dave at Newbury where he lives, Dave moved there many years ago to follow his trade. Which was as farrier, I believe his apprenticeship was 7 years, so much for those who say the English do not know how to work. For those who may not know what a farrier is, well one of their main jobs is shoeing horses hence why Dave lives in Newbury home of horse racing.

Dave his family and friends from Sittingbourne met at 12.30pm at the Newbury Manor Restaurant this was a lovely setting overlooking a small river, Dave’s flat overlooks this beautiful little scene, with all us tucking into a club sandwich it proved a good starting point for his birthday bash. It was nice to see Dave’s family again, I asked his Gran have I changed she politely replied NO but you have got wider I challenged her on this and she said she meant wiser.

Dave rather then have some brash party opted for a meal in a good quality hotel, Donnington Valley Hotel. I expected just a few friends but we had nearly 50 people at the birthday celebration. The hotel was expensive but excellent standard and we all took advantage of the swimming pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and aromatherapy room before having an hours kip before the festivities well that’s the reason I went to my room, some of the others may have had other ideas.

6.30pm we met for drinks and of course this where everyone starts of being polite and well mannered after a few drinks this soon changed. The hotel supplied Dave with his own room and the meal started with Salmon mouse followed by Lamb shank (that was beautiful) finished with either Crème Brule or Cheese. Red and White win was in abundance. Then down to the bar and then the silly drinks, shots etc. by 12.30 am I had enough it seems Dave went of to a night club till the very early hours, lets hope he never took advantage of any fair maiden. John, Lee and Dave step Father Pete finished in the Bar at 2pm a good night was had by all.

The morning we all gathered for a big breakfast which again was very good but cost an extra £10 accept for Lee who managed to get a free breakfast, I hope he feels ashamed of himself. We left with sore heads but with good memories

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