Thursday, March 08, 2012

EX Judo Player thief

I recently wrote about, the lack of religious teaching can lead to a moral breakdown and an increase in crime. they say proof of the pudding etc. Just recently I heard a story of. An ex 18year old judo club member who has gone the wrong, this lad was one of two brothers who trained with us for about six years both were reasonable players as was their dad who I taught as a junior. They both had good parents and when the lad reached 15 he was asked to try Johns judo class but this was to tough for him so a very easy class we had run for beginners he decided to attend
It seems he has become a drunk, drug user and thief. He was invited to a party at a members house who he knew and his thanks was to rob them of all sorts of electrical equipment but what I found very disturbing was the people he robbed were still friends on Facebook!
So where he did he go wrong? I wonder if his father had made him train with the real men's class he would he have a different role model and maybe if his father had been stricter who knows but one thing is for sure This Boy does not wrong from right something that should been instilled in him at school and since it has become unfashionable to teach RE where to they get their Moral guidance From? I will tell you where from Celebrities and shows like X factor, low life who appear in shows like The Jeremy Kyle Show become local stars overnight

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