Monday, March 12, 2012

Cameron must Go and his Public School Toffs

It is becoming more and more difficult being a Conservative, the only reason is why I stay is because of my Local MP and the Local Party. The leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron and his Hench man have let down all those who thought we would better under a Conservative Government then a Labour Government. The only difference I can see is that the economy is being run better then Labour but is thanks to a fine Chancellor George Osborne but the rest NO
The worst thing that ever happened was getting the LibDems involved they won very few seats yet they now have the power to run this country because David Cameron’s Conservatives and the LibDems are just the same. The tail wagging the dog

Lets look at something Cameron said during the election

Specific European Union policies include:
   A full opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights
   Greater protection against EU encroachment
   Restoring national control over social and employment legislation
None of this has happened in fact there are more and more rules coming from the EU, he promised an annual limit on immigration, new curbs on unskilled workers, and “transitional controls” on new European Union members. We have more immigrants legal and illegal now then under Labour as for the Human Rights, it was reported in the press today Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke have instructed government advisers to 'ignore' the will of Parliament to reform human rights law, it was claimed yesterday, The explosive allegation was made by Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky. The LibDems do not want us to infer with the Human Rights Law they think it works and it does if you are terrorists, Militant Gay secular activist

Ken Clark has a LibDem agenda when it comes to crime he believes letting criminal out early and not putting criminals in prison will solve our escalating crime wave I expect he also thinks ice-cream doesn’t melt in the Sun

He promised that he would lead a Family Friendly government, yet British married stay-at-home mums suffer one of the highest tax burdens in the world, he is also actively promoting Gay Marriage in face of massive opposition from the public and Religious organisations, not only that there is opposition to allowing children being adopted form different racial backgrounds. Why because they may forget their heritage and it is unnatural yet they have allowed homosexuals to adopt children in what can only be considered an unnatural state, they have made a law that adoption agencies can not refuse homosexuals the chance to adopt, this has led to the closure of Catholic adoption agency well done LibDem Cameron

Him and his Lib den partners are hell bent on trying to ban Christianity in every form. An article appeared n todays paper "Minister in legal battle to stop Christians being able to wear a cross to work. This move is from Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone a LibDem MP even that terrible Labour MP Harriet Harman did not succeed with this

I could go on but enough is enough so who can lead the Party well David Davies has my vote plus I have a lot of respect for Ian Duncan-Smith plus Eric Pickles comes across as a man of the people. One thing is for sure let get rid of Cameron and his Public School cronies, the same goes for the LibDems and New Labour, lets get back to having normal people running the country, some one who some on who understands what is like to live a small house not a big mansion   

Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne 

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