Monday, March 05, 2012

1962 -2012

The recent letter on the Secular Society has made me think really hard. So I started by comparing today 2012 to 1962

In 1962 times were a lot harder financially nearly everything in real terms was more expensive and we had to make do with limited TV and radio. We still used our brains to work things rather then machines and we to rely on books to get information. Yet we still had Law and order and morals which the majority stuck by, we had respected for authority and respected those in authority. If a sign said no cycling in the park you did not cycle in the park. A criminal was not glorified in any way and when caught they got their just deserts, we also had full employment so if you were on the dole you were looked down on. Marriage was the norm and most Husbands and Wives stuck together for life, it was considered the duty of the Husband to support his family. GB was still in charge of its own laws and borders.

So have things improved in 50 years in some ways yes. On the whole modern technology has been a boon to mankind, Medicine has improved beyond belief, cost of food is the lowest it has ever been, housing is better most people can afford a car, School buildings are better, although I think education standards are lower now then 1962. Discrimination because of colour and sexual orientation was banished with the hope that everyone was equal, sadly something that was good has become bad. The white heterosexual is being victimised because they are the majority, laws now pander to minority groups like homosexuals who are to just 1.5% of the population, yet they have laws which give them preferential treatment when applying for jobs, housing, political appointments etc they have civil partnership which is not available to Normal sexed people or family members. Of course this over indulgence is causing a backlash.

What I see to today is a breakdown of moral cohesion of GB mainly brought about by the lack of Religious teaching and the secular movement. So in 1962 most criminals were punished with some time draconian methods to day the modern way is a soft approach making excuses for the criminal, with the result more crime then 1962. No longer is marriage considered the only way to live in a relationship and have children we have what they call life style choices the result is Girls as young as 13 having children, relationship break up common place it is not unusual for a women to have children by several different men and the word absent father has become the norm. Our politicians are considered in the same breath as a used car dealer, the Police and its senior police officers are driven more by job promotion and political infighting then stopping crime, the judicial system is expansive and corrupt the ordinary person can no longer get justice and lawyers treat court cases as a game rather then finding the truth and with the medical profession, who on the whole are well paid, threatening industrial action not a lot can be said for 2012. Finally since joining the EU we have lost the power to run our own country in the way we want to.

My feeling is this is down to the lack of christian teachings and that does not mean make everyone to go to church it is about teaching children in school the ethics of christianity and most importantly Right from Wrong in black and white terms

But watch the video peter Oborne explains beautifully

'Religion appeals to something deep in the human spirit'
Peter Oborne, The Telegraph's chief political commentator, warns of the dangers of eroding the importance of religion in the success of schools and charities

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