Monday, August 13, 2012

Your Local paper

I have been involved in Judo, Sombo and other Martial Arts since 1955 and have been quite successful on a World basis but when I walk down Sittingbourne High Street people stop and ask not about any of this but what I put in your letters page, it still staggers me the amount of people who read this local paper. Some of the things I write are somewhat controversial and I get attacked with subsequent letter and rightly so we still live in a Democratic Country in spite of the Politburo of the European Union but I have never been berated in the street on every occasion I have been congratulated on telling it as it is, why have I written this in response to Colin Davis letter in the opinion page where he mentioned me and can I say to him keep the letters coming from ordinary people and not just politicians. If enough people write in with their views the Politicians will listen to our needs not what they think we need.

Oh just as a last remark we do not need any more social housing in East Street so do something else with the Ship Inn 

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