Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Plastic Brits

I may be old fashioned but I get no joy out seeing women smash each other in the face I refer to Women’s Boxing. In this day and age we are supposed to be equal but surely men and women are different neither being superior to the other just different. So why do women try emulating what men do?

Plastic Brits:
This is the title of sports people who just come here to compete for GB. At first I was disgusted that we pump money into another group of foreigners but then again the whole of the country are jumping and down because GB is winning so many medals so maybe they are entitled to the money as they are giving a return on the investment. Yet to call this a true British Team is not truly accurate a better wording would be Great Britain Establishment Team. How long before Countries import players regardless of nationality? The International Olympic Committee is just another corporation and its raison de’tra is to offer Spectators a spectacular sporting event.

The idea that a sportsman/women wins a medal for their country is rubbish a sportsman/women firstly wins a medal for them selves once they have won the medal they my be thankful to their parents, coach, country etc. The Plastic Brits prove that winning the medal is more important then any Nationalist fervour. The supporters may be nationalistic they want their Brit to win because they represent us and our way of life.

Cry Baby:
This I know will upset many of you it did the wife, I believe it is alright for Johnny Foreigner to cry and have hysterics but us Brits should still have the stiff upper lip and control our emotions that what we a famous for SELF CONTROL. I can remember only once being over come with exuberance and that was in the 1978 English Championship I threw a chap named Arthur Map (Olympic Bronze medallist) for Ippon (Total Victory) with Uchi Mata (a throw). The audience jumped out of their seats and cheered me and I responded by running around the mat with my hands in the air. The following day I felt thoroughly ashamed of myself and it never happened again

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