Saturday, August 04, 2012

Is It Over

The Olympics have been on for a week and I already fed up with it, the Judo was abysmal and boring, thank God it finished yesterday. Must admit the TV coverage on TV, Internet has been great being able to watch any sport when you like is fantastic. What I do not like is the commentators who scream and shout at the end of a race as if they are having an organism, then there is this punching the air and general hoe ha by the winners, this I find nauseating and in bad taste. A winner should respect his opponent not add to his pain of losing, this after all is sport not a war "magnanimous in victory gracious in defeat."

With all Athletes being professional why do reporter continue to say it was hard path when talking about a winner and they had to give up so much. I never heard them saying that to a Rugby, Football or Tennis Player so why say it to professional athlete, Some of them have had 3 to 4 Olympics under their belt that 16 years of training who paid for that? I am told the only true amateurs are the Boxers and they always give a good account of themselves.

Next we are told that there will be knighthoods for several Athletes who won Gold for there dedication and endeavours in their chosen sport, if that is the criteria what about the thousands of others who trained just as hard but never made a medal position. I believe the honours system should be for those who have helped others of course their should be a sporting honour for exceptional athletes, maybe the Queens Award for Sporting Excellence

Any way said I am bored with it just realised the Wrestling starts soon can not wait maybe they are right the Olympics has something for every one pity I am not young enough to try again

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