Thursday, August 30, 2012

J Graham Newington supports Immigration?

Dear Editor

I have to take issue with J Graham letter stating that MP Gordon Henderson was a promoting Decrepit hysteria over immigration control,.  It seems that J Graham does not think that immigration is out of control; well for your information he/she has got it wrong every political party agree that there is to much immigration, Migration Watch has proved time and time again that we need to put a stop on immigration. As for the rather pathetic reference to the Olympic games all competitors competing for GB had to have a British Passport and where did the two-mentioned train GB, who sponsored them GB Tax payers, the governing body was British. Using the racist card to promote an argument is wrong just because they are Black does not make them less British. Immigration is not just about a person’s colour or religion
J. Graham claims immigrants represent 13% of the work force how does he/she know that when the government admit they do not know how many illegal immigrants are in the country and how many are working. Then only 7% claim benefit, well in my eyes that 7% to many, our benefit system is subsidised by British Tax payers and should be for British Subjects only. The 7% should be subsidised by the United Nations that way the whole world contributes to their welfare.
I do agree that most immigrant workers are in this country to work hard and earn money but do they all contribute to the British Society NO many do not stay in the country long enough to pay National Insurance and Taxes, they come and go from there original countries of birth. Those that do stay send a lot of their wages back to their home countries to support families and that is to their credit, something some Brits can learn from Family Responsibility but the money they send back is not going into the local economy.
Yes some work in this country needs seasonal workers Farm Work is such an example but why is that most farmers will not employ British Labour? A lot of immigrant workers are paid low wages and limit there living costs by sharing houses and bills as there intention is not to reside here on a permanent basis and as there wages are low their tax contributions will be low.
So who gains by the immigrants obviously they do, the employer does as they have a cheap work force and if they are using the very discredited AGENCY SYSTEM they have little or none of the responsibility of an employer.
Before you start calling British people lazy j Graham, we have a benefit system that pays people not to work and Family man first duty is to support his family and if that means getting more money on the dole then working so be it, a system I might add I am not happy with
Foreign workers because of reasons I have mention often under cut our own work force and on many occasion do not have the equivalent qualifications
To finalise before J Graham accuses me of racism I have many friends who have come to GB from ex Soviet Union Countries (this is because of my involvement with the Russian Sport of Sambo) and all of them have become British Subjects and pay their taxes, National Insurance, Council Taxes etc. and have become part of British Society. This is the type of person this country wants not the spongers and opportunists

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne 

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