Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Clegg throws toys out of pram

I once wasted my vote on the LibDems or Liberal Party as was then called, my father I believe was a Liberal maybe that is why and the Candidate was an old school teacher of mine who’s main claim to fame was he complained about smoking in Council Chamber so he started eating oranges as a protest. At 18 you can do stupid things luckily enough he did not get voted in.
This Coalition is no better then the last government and how can it be Democratic when a party with little or no support from the electorate has so much power i.e. LibDems

Nick Clegg has once again thrown his toys out of the pram because he can not get his own way, the Country needs to get rid of this Coalition Government and the Conservative Party need to get rid of Cameron and not replace him with that fool Boris who is just another Rich Boy playing with politics because he has nothing better to do lets have some one who understand s the British people bring on David Davies

What are the boundary changes?
The Coalition has pledged to cut the number of seats for MPs in the House of Commons from 650 to 600, arguing this will  save around £12million a year, and will be fairer.
Under the change, the vast majority of Parliamentary seats would contain the same number of eligible voters within a margin of 5 per cent. It is controversial because it currently takes far more votes to elect a Tory MP in a rural seat than an urban Labour member.
The Lib Dems agreed to support the reforms in return for a referendum on the introduction of the Alternative Vote system. This was held in 2011 and was roundly rejected by voters.
How will the parties be affected? Labour is likely to sustain the biggest losses, but proportionately the Lib Dems would be hit hardest. Some experts believe the reforms will hand the Tories an extra   20 seats at the next general election and put several senior Lib Dems at risk.
What has this to do with Lords reform? Lib Dems regard Lords reform and Boundary Commission changes as a package, although they are not explicitly linked in the Coalition deal. The party has threatened to vote down the boundary changes if Lords reforms are dumped. David Laws, a Lib Dem MP, has warned of a ‘chain reaction’ which would threaten the rest of the Coalition’s programme.
What happens next? David Cameron is pressing ahead with the changes. The blueprint will have to be approved in a Commons vote as early as the end of 2013 to be in place for the next General Election in 2015.
What will Nick Clegg do? He may use the threat of voting down the package to try to extract policy commitments to shore up his grassroots support.
What do the Tories think?Furious backbenchers say they fulfilled their side of the bargain by agreeing to the AV poll. They also mutter that any Lib Dem backsliding could finish the Coalition.

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