Thursday, August 23, 2012

Silent Witness/Accused

I recently watched a couple of TV programmes, which I found disturbing

1)   Silent Witness was about a group of Pakistani Moslems taking School Girls for sex and eventually prostitution. It was quite brave for the BBC to do this because the establishment does everything in its power not to offend this group of people. The grooming could be done by any race but according to recent reports it is more common in the Pakistani Community. This made really angry watching  but a couple off other thing that was brought to my attention was the Moslem Leader when question by one of his gang He just said they are nothing but white whores and animals, it was their up bringing that made them the way they are. Is this what Moslems think of us the Christian White British? And is there some truth in what they say? I do not know maybe someone can supply me with an answer? Another interesting point was when it came to arrest them they asked an Asian Officer to accompany them so not to offend other Pakistani’s. Since when does a Police Officer Race, Colour, Religion comes in to it when making an arrest? They are all Police Officers and they represent the law of the land unless we are moving to the situation where every ethnic group has its own Police Force.
2)   Accused was about a Mother, Grandmother protecting their 17-year-old son/grandson from the Police after he shot a friend and killed him. This was located on a Housing estate, which was rife with gangs, the boy was ordered to shoot his friend or his mother would be killed. The leader of this gang was only in his twenties; you saw these young hooded thugs riding around on their drug bikes intimidating everyone. What has this country come to when these young thugs can terrorise a whole housing estate and the Justice system does nothing?  We still have that ridiculous Ken Clarke still saying we should be lenient with these thugs as society has let them down. Rubbish they are scum and should be treated as violent criminals. The Boy got 16 years with good behaviour he will be out in 8 years

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