Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Archers a Story of Country Folk


Why is that people who write soaps are obsessed with Homosexualls, every soap you watch and listen to has a couple of Homosexualls or Lesbians as if every person in the country has and know some people who have deviant sexual tendancies. Well I must be the only Straight in the Village because I do not have homosexuall or Lesbian friends and to be quite honest I only know a couple from the Gym. One can only asume that these writers Bat for the other side and think if they promote it enough people will accept it as normal. Take the only soap I listen to The Archers for some time one of The Archers is gay and lives with an Irish Chef and are accepted by the Village community. Well I worked on a Farm when I left school and know what village life is like and they thought me strange because I lived in the town can you imagine what they thought of two blokes living together going around saying they were married to each other! The story moves on it seems the pickers who Adam(he is the gay Archer) employees are Polish, yes you guessed it one of them is GAY and of course Adam cheats on his Boyfriend. There is more Harry the milkman we have just found out has had a boyfriend as well but he also likes women, so now we have a Bisexual I can not wait for the Village to have its first Cross Dresser which could be followed by a Transexual or better still how about a Lady Boy. They tried to put something normal in by having a husband and wife having a baby, well I say normal she is 45 and he is 60 couple all this with arson, witness intimidation is just other day in the life of country folk

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