Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lady Anne Middleton Hotel York


In a Months time I am off to Scotland for a Sombo Competition, so like a good husband that I am I asked the wife to come with me and said on the Sunday we would travel to York to visit York Minister. So I book the Lady Anne Middleton’s Hotel in York a very plush Hotel costing in access of £80 per night. Well now the wife cannot come so I decided to cancel the booking only to be told NO I can’t? Yes you guessed there is a clause stating that I can cancel but there is no refund, which according to one of the Desk Staff I should have read. Yet this was over month in advance that I was cancelling I retorted surely you could get some else to book the room in that time I suggested? Irrelevant I was told by this rather authoritarian voice you should have read the booking form

Well lesson learn.t read the small print but that does not stop me feeling like Lady Anne Middleton’s Hotel is ripping me of. Will I cancel the booking NO not if I am paying but told them I will not get there till 10 pm and not to rebook my room!!

Would I recommend this Hotel certainly not their idea of Customer Relations leaves a lot to be desired

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