Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Police State

The UK is slowly but surely becoming a Police State, we now have CCTV everywhere, we have secret Courts where ordinary people can be convicted of looking after their parents I refer to the recent case where women took her father from a care home because he was ill treated, a Welsh women was fined for calling someone an English Cow in anger, a drunken Englishman called some Welshman Sheep Shaggers and was fined, a 17 year old girl was subject to a Police enquire because she use offensive language on Facebook, have these people never heard of the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”, unmarked Police Cars in abundance in Major Cities, even Police Officers dress in Military style uniforms.

Yet Government figures say that crime is on the decrease well it would be when Police let off more than 10,000 seriously violent criminals because they said 'sorry' to their victims.
The Standard of Police Officer has dropped considerably over the years mainly because of Positive Discrimination in favour of Women, Ethnic minorities and Homosexual Men and Women, Rubbish I hear you say NO, Why do I say what I have said is because the Police no longer select on ability only! As soon as you put in any form of Positive Discrimination you lower standards. The Police should be the best person for the Job nothing more or less. On occasions the Police need officers who are capable of using physical force i.e. crowd violence etc. yet what do we see men and women 5 foot nothing weighing maybe 7 stone in the firing line. Let us have less of the Police State and more Police capable of doing the job

Lets get rid of the silly Police Commissioners like Anne Barnes in this country next to no one voted for them and bring local Borough Sheriffs who are voted in by local people. Local businesses and Council sponsor sheriffs who actually get in a Police Car and apprehend lawbreakers.

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