Monday, April 14, 2014

Garden of England as it was

I went out for a drive on Sunday it was lovely Spring Day. Kent has always been known as the Garden of England but the Garden looks a lot different now. When I started work on the Farm in 1965 I was an Agricultural Apprentice and being in this area of Kent I dealt a lot with Sheep in fact after going to College in 1968/1969 I took on a job as a Shepherd.This was short lived as I was not a particularly good Shepherd. The first group of Photos was typical of what I saw back in those days where ever you went in Kent you would see massive lots of Cherry Orchards. Big old Cherry trees with sheep grazing beneath them, some of the Orchards would be hundred years old but picking from them was not easy. Very long ladders would have to be used and moving them was art in its own right. The orchard below was in Teynham and we will soon see the last of its kind. Now you no longer see Orchards but field upon field of Rape and apple.pears and cherry plantation with rows of dwarf trees which are easier to pick and more profitable. Time have to change but seeing sheep under big blossoming cherry trees is still a sight to behold

Kent as it is today

Ornament Cherry in Blossom on a Housing Estate

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