Friday, April 18, 2014

Why are Gay people so artistic?

Here we another exposé about perverted Homosexuals in the last few weeks we have had Cyril Smith and his cronies plus Nigel Evans, I expect Heterosexuals can be as perverted but what strikes me is that there is only 1.5% of the population that are Gay yet it seems in proportion they are more likely to get involved in these sexual deviances.
Why is it that Gay people seem to have a gift for the arts/media etc. and why are so many celebrities and Politicians Gay? Could it be that the part of the Brain that makes them Gay also makes them very artistic?
It seems nearly every TV programme you watch has a Gay element. I recently watched SHETLAND and throughout the two episodes and part of the programme centred on this strange 17 year old appearing, someone everyone wanted to reject. Because he featured so much in the programme I thought he must be something to do with the murder. NO when the murder was caught he was no way linked, so I rewound I thought I must have missed something but just before the programme finished the detective said to his daughter “You do know so and so is Gay” I thought what had that to do with the story but then realised there was a subliminal message in the way the community ostracized him for being Gay. Yet this had nothing to do with the story line so why include it?

'They'd rape you by the side of the hot tub. You were a piece of meat': X-Men director Brian Singer's 'rape victim' describes sordid pool parties at home of Hollywood power broker
    Alleged victim Michael Egan, 31, accused Singer and others of sex crimes
    He spoke of being treated like 'a piece of meat' and raped at pool parties
    It has recently emerged that
    In a press conference Thursday evening, alleged victim Michael Egan said Singer treated him like 'a piece of meat'
    He also claims he had 'a gun put in my mouth' by Hollywood power broker Mark Rector-Collins, so he'd do what he was told
    The 48-year-old director was hit with a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Hawaii
    Egan is now 31, but was 17 at the time of the alleged abuse in 1999 and 2000
    Singer's latest film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, premieres next month
    He co-hosts annual poolside 'boy parties' for Gay Pride
    Attitude magazine said photos make them look like a 'prelude to an orgy'
    He has returned to the set of the 4D musical extravaganza he is helming
    Egan's lawyer Jeff Herman said there will be more rape allegations next week

It is Good Friday and people of my generation all know what that means, they may not all believe in Jesus but as a Christian Country we were all taught the Christian History at School. So it shocked me to see the article blow about how Civil Servants did not know the basics of Christianity. The Militant Secularist want to ban all religion yet they can not deny that the whole fabric of British Society is built on the Christian Faith and if you do not know and understand  your past you will not know how to build the future

The comment below was taken from the article

I am daily dumbfounded by the depths of biblical illiteracy displayed by Britain’s chattering classes and especially by many in Parliament and our major institutions.
'Many members of this new liberal elite are simply intelligent barbarians; university graduates who know less about the basic tenets of Christianity than the three-year-olds in my wife’s Sunday school

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