Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two Sambo Spectaculars



"Jewelers of North Capital" ( St. Petersburg)

The Long awaited Presidents Cup is to be held on September 27th 2014 at the GLOW Bluewater Centre Dartford Kent.
This will prove to be the most exciting Sambo/Combat Sambo Event to be held in the UK since 1992 when the BSF organised the World Sambo Championships in Herne Bay Kent.The Presidents Cup is a Joint Venture between the Commonwealth Sambo Association and British Sombo Federation; the whole event will be co-ordinated by FIAS Representative Andrew Moshanov. We are extremely pleased to have "Jewelers of North Capital" ( St. Petersburg)” as our sponsor because without them the whole event would be a no go, our sponsors are very keen in supporting Sambo 
Originally the event was to be a Cultural Event to be held in the City of London but things have changed since then and it has now come purely a sporting event with the aim to promote Sambo/Combat Sambo throughout the UK and the Commonwealth. This will help to promote our application for Sambo to become an Olympic Sport
The Venue of GLOW at Bluewater Dartford was a stroke of genius, this a large venue is part of the massive Bluewater Shopping centre, it is easy to reach as has lots of free parking and for a Sporting Event is far better position then Central London. WE will see two International size mat Areas and seating for a 1000.

The whole event will be covered by the Internet TV Channel SAMBO-FIAS.ORG CHANNEL 1 so all the action will be seen throughout the World, so even those who can make the event can watch it from your computer

The Presidents Cup will be rather unique in that it will be a team event with 8 teams competing for the Presidents Cup. They will be Great Britain, Russia, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan,
Commonwealth (Americas/Europe). Commonwealth (Africa), Commonwealth (Oceania/Asia). Amongst the teams there will be many World and European Champions

Teams will consist Sambo Men, 2 Sambo Women and 2 Combat Sambo Men. Weights will be as follows Sambo men u62k, u68k, u74k, u82k, u90k, Sambo Ladies u64k, 64k to 80k, Combat Sambo Men u110k, and o100k. Each Team will line up against each other at the beginning of each event and the atmosphere will be electric.

This event is not to be missed. Not just for Sambo enthusiasts but also for all those who enjoy Grappling and Grapple/Strike. The ticket office will be open at the end of July.
It is hoped to have many important guests and some celebrities at this event but the one person the BSF are looking forwarding meeting again is FIAS President Shestakov. Since he has been FIAS President he done more for British Sambo then any other FIAS administration.

In the next three week the British Sombo Federation will be announcing their team for this event



With many Commonwealth countries being present at the Presidents Cup, The CSA decided to run their 1st Commonwealth Championships in England. I am sure that CSA President Lord
Simon Reading saw this as very appropriate as the Commonwealth stems from the British Empire. The Commonwealth Games has always been considered the friendly games a meeting of a large family of countries with one thing in common Great Britain and I am sure the Commonwealth Sambo Championships will be no different. The event will be held the day after the Presidents Cup it is hoped to have a venue in the Dartford area.
This will event will not be a Team event it will be an individual event with all the relevant International Weight Categories. To enter you
have register through your home country and have the relevant Citizenship for that country.

For those living in the UK your Country Representatives are England Russell Dodds, Scotland Robin Hyslop, Northern Ireland Chris St John at present we do not have a Welsh Federation but hopefully that will change in the next few months

This again is a unique event to held in the UK yet to have 2 major International Events in one country in 1 year is great but to have two major events in one weekend is fantastic a thing dreams are made of

Watch this space for future Information on these two great Tournaments contact us as at

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