Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nigel Evans MP should resign- Clegg say Paedophile Cyril Smith was a beacon to the Party-Clegg should resign

I have said on many occasions our so-called Democratic system has failed. How can it be Democratic when the party with the least MP’s is part of Government, Millionaires run the Country with their chums. This not just the Conservatives and LibDems it is the Labour Party as well. They have a Millionaire Leader who has a lot of rich chums. Now we have Euan Blair who lives in £3 million house in London being put forward to become an MP in the safe seat of Liverpool. WHAT CONNECTION has he with the people of Liverpool and its working Class base? Euan is the son of the Second worst Prime Minister this country ever had, Tony Blair not only did he ruin our economy but pushed into a war based on liars Iraq. How many British Service personal been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, for what? The worst Prime Minister ever was Edward Heath he lied about the so-called Common Market his dream was to create a United States of Europe, which will be achieved by the Non Democratic EU, helped by the Political Elite in the UK

When in Public life you have a duty to be whiter then white you forgo the right to a Private Life. So that disgusting Nigel Evans and his many homosexual encounters and depraved acts may not be illegal but disgusting he should resign as an MP, maybe if he spent more time doing his Job the need for this type of disgusting fornication would have been dispensed with and before you say I am anti gay I would apply the same to a normal sexed person. Yet how long would a Heterosexual Male last if he were caught behaving like this? It also seems at the Tory Conference a Conservative Official organised a Gay Sex Party paid for from Government Funds

One wonders why we have no trust in our MP’s after reading the article about Cyril Smith and how he was protected from prosecution because he was an MP at least with Nigel Evans MP his behaviour was looked at. The protection was bad enough but when you read that Nick Clegg MP said the following “At Cyril Smith's 80th birthday party, a gushing message from current Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was read out, which said: 'You were a beacon for our party in the '70s and '80s and continue to be an inspiration to the people of Rochdale'”. You wonder what depths the Political Class in this case the LIBDEMS will stoop to

30 years ago it was easy to distinguish between the various parties Conservatives would have the odd MP born with a silver spoon in their mouths but the majority were successful businessman or Business managers who after a successful career wanted to get involved in politics bringing with them a great deal of experience in Business. Labour was ex Trades Unionist, working people who believed in Socialism, they in turn brought with them a wealth of experience of the work place and the working man. The Liberals now known as the LibDems who believed in Love not War and loads of other cranky ideas, yet we had a good mix. That is not the case now all the parties are run by Millionaires we most of the MP’s treating their position a job compared with those of yesteryear who saw pubic life as a vocation. It is about time all the three main political parties got rid of all there top people and got people who believed becoming an MP was a way to help society instead of thinking that being an MP is all about self esteem, self gratification and greed

How Cyril Smith evaded the law: Sickening folly of the Left who aided his cause by advocating paedophilia

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'Deeply worrying': Parliamentary watchdog investigating claims public money was used to fund 'gay sex party at Tory conference'

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