Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kidney Stone and Cyril Smith

These Kidney Stones are a real pain since being rushed of to hospital 2 weeks ago I have 3 more attacks, know where near as bad as the first one but enough pain to put you to bed.  The medical profession just tell you to take painkillers I am beginning to rattle. Also you are expected to drink 10 pints of water a day and that means you are continually going to the toilet at the moment it is 3 times a night, so you wake up knackered. Well I have had enough so I am trying a herbal remedy to dissolve the stones. Interestingly enough when I left Hospital they told me there was no more stones in my Kidneys, yet when I went to the doctor she brought up my scan and said I had three pebble size ones left?

The political establishment helped by certain sections of the media are disgrace we know for years that they hide things from public, the media pick and choose news items that helps them sell their product. Yet the Cyril Smith affair is the most disgusting cover up I have heard of and to make things worse people like Nick Clegg are denying they new anything about it. That particular era must go down as the worst time in the 20th Century, not so long ago there were articles about how leading Labour politicians supporting the legalisation of paedophilia.
This disgrace covers all Parties it was even suggested in the book about Cyril Smith that there was a house in London where MP’s of all parties would go to and take part in paedophile parties and the reason that Cyril Smith was not prosecuted was that it would bring down the Government.

In a previous Blog I condemned Nigel Evans MP and said he should be sacked. He may have been found innocent in a court of Law but his perverted homosexual behaviour was not what was expected of an MP. All MP’s should have their private lives scrutinised, once you enter public life you give up the right to a private life. Those with perverted sexual lives should be barred from office

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