Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is it compulsory for Politicians and Celebs to be homosexual perverts?

What is it with these Politicians and Celebrities that they want to get into perverted homosexual sex games, is something that is compulsory for this sections of the community? Why can we not have the name of the Comedian who drove a young man to suicide?

I have come out! Yes I am a diabetic type 2 this has been such a relief for me because I can now be treated as an endangered species and have extra rights plus I can have the right to interfere with religious teachings. Oops sorry I have been informed that is not what does coming out mean

On a serious note I was told by my nurse that she was concerned about my Diabetic count so she has recommended me to see a Specialist the appointment is in 3 months time, they seem really concerned? Now for me to get appointment at my surgery I have to wait 13 days but I can phone in the morning for an appointment for that day when surgery opens at 8am. Their telephone is continually engaged, when I do eventually get through all the appointments have gone. So the suggestions that Doctors are open 24 hours I say about time to, lets be honest they are paid extremely well so let them earn their money.

Read this article and the worst offenders are the LibDems

TV comedian accused of grooming teenager who killed himself uses top libel lawyer to explain himself to boy's family
·       Comedian has contacted Ben Cowburn's family to 'explain' relationship
·       But boy's parents spoke of dismay at his use of lawyers, Carter-Ruck
·       'We are not used to dealing with media lawyers,' said Sharon Cowburn
·       Ben, 18, found dead in 2010 after claiming he was raped by the celebrity

Shocking gay sex texts of top Tory who bragged of 'cute boys' in the penthouse claimed on expenses

·       Details of salacious messages sent by Iain Corby were revealed last night
·       The Tory official exchanged messages with man on Grindr, gay dating app
·       They refer to 'cute boys', 'orgy', 'gay party', 'hottie MPs' and 'all in one bed'
·       These are said to be 'on offer' in hotel suite hired for Tory party conference
·       Messages name two Tory MPs: senior Minister and potential future leader
·       One of reasons Mr Corby quit as the head of Parliamentary Resources Unit

Open at nights and weekends, Cameron tells GPs: PM launches £50million fund to ensure patients can see a doctor at all times

·       Prime Minister will announce new reform to transform patient care
·       £50 million Challenge Fund designed to allow GPs to reorganise their services to enable practices to open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week
·       Reform will also include plans to allow patients to email their doctors with concerns over minor ailments 
·       Government hopes the plans will free up GPs to spend more time with the patients most in need of their time, particularly the elderly
·       Those people over the age of 75 will benefit from a bespoke service, with a named doctor to coordinate their care plans 
·       Plans vital to stem the surge of patients visiting under-pressure A&E units at hospitals across England

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