Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Humanist 0.044% of UK Christians 59%-War Mongering USA

I had to laugh about the atheist from Humanists Society complaining about David Cameron stance on Christianity. The continually tell us that Christianity was all about a liar and a Con trick, they then go on to say there are more people in the UK who do not believe in Christianity. Well lets look at the fact and see who is lying  and after that read the article in the DM by Stephen Glover

Proven Facts Population of  UK 63 million  59% Christian 25% atheists agnostics do not and could not care 16% other religions. 371,70000 Christians (just over 37 million) Humanist 28,000 which 0.044% . Give 20 Philosophers one question and they will come up with 20 answers and none have come up with the Philosophy of Christianity

So who tells lies now?

USA under Obama love to go to War and get their Service men and women killed in a war that is nothing to with them. Can anyone believe what they say. Never in my life have I known such an Anti USA feeling in the UK since Obama has been in power

US demands urgent investigation into claims Syrian forces used chlorine gas attack on rebels
·       Hollande said he has no clear proof that Assad’s regime used chlorine
·       But he said Western officials found 'credible evidence' of use in 3 locations
·       Comes after both Assad's and rebel forces reported a poison gas attack
·       But both sides have blamed each other for the use of chemical weapons

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