Friday, April 04, 2014

Kidney Stone

Wednesday work up at 4.45 am with a slight pain in my stomach little did I know it was to be the most painful day of my life. With in an hour I was in total agony, Val was trying to get our emergency Doctor to no avail she tried another surgeries emergency service as was told from 6am that service was stopped and I had to wait a further 2 hours before our surgery opened. So it was an emergency call to the Paramedics they were there in a moment and what I found they had expert knowledge and straight away diagnosed a Kidney Stone. The Surgeon told me it was the most painful thing a man can get and I concur with that.
 I was rushed of to the Medway Maritime Hospital and that when time lasted forever, lot of forms had to be filled before they even looked at me. The air was blue with my Anglo Saxon words luckily enough both Val and youngest daughter were with me. On occasion I was in so much pain I could not talk only growl and point my finger at Val and she answered the question. Out of the blue I saw this nurse float in like a Florence Nightingale, it was Clive Simms daughter Gemma she had seen my name flashed up and rush over from another department to help me. Three times during he day she came to find out if I was alright when I see her next time I see her she will get a big kiss.

At long last someone thought of painkillers and I was asked very politely would I mind a suppository, I roared “I do not care where you want to deposit just get on with it” mind you the pain overwhelmed my desire to see what it was like to bat for the other side. Every department I went to I was asked the same questions in this day and age one would have thought they would all have tablets hooked up to some internal internet site. Eventually after about 5 hours I got to the ward, which was clean, the staff was friendly and compassionate but very disorganised.

By 7pm the pain had eased so Valerie went home and I tried to get some sleep, at 1.30am they decided to move me to another ward when I eventually got there I thought sleep at last. Yes sleep I did only to be woke at 5 am by a Doctor who asked if I was all right then back to sleep woken again a 6 am to take tablets then again at 7.30p am to have breakfast. I went home at 10am completely wacked out

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