Friday, October 31, 2014

I am proud to be Hetrosexual (Straight) it is one of Gods greatest Gifts

 I am proud to be Hetrosexual (Straight) it is one of Gods greatest Gifts to have normal sexual desiree

What is he talking about I here you say well I quite agree and that headline would not make an impact yet when the President of Apple Mr Cook wrote: 'Let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me” it made World Wide News, Why? In the US they have known he has abnormal sexual desires being a Homosexual, so why now does he bring this to the attention of the World Press now? And what has his sexuality got to do with his job? You can be sure there is some ulterior motive 

The attitude of the Russian Anti LGBT campaigner Vitaly Milonov said Mr Cook should be banned
Stated he would bring disease, adhering to his homosexual stereotypes St Petersburg legislator added: 'They all have unseemly ties over there. Is over the top as well. 

Mind you would anyone in the UK or USA be allowed to say something like that I doubt it. Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to step down following uproar over his apparent opposition to gay marriage. Can you imagine that happening to someone who supported Gay Marriage NO! So where is Freedom of Speech stronger UK/USA or Russia, I am no longer sure

LBC featured this item last night and was a good debate with a 50/50 against what he said. Yet a couple of things came out in the discussion:
1)  Apple according to one Homosexual caller Apple is a Gay Icon and a must for all Gay people. Strange I have Apple Computer, Mac Air Laptop, IPhone and bought them because they were a quality item not as a Gay statement
2)  As Per usual as soon as there is Gay item on LBC a representative from Stonewall or as I like to call them the Pink Mafia commented that more CEO should come out as according to Government figures 6% of the population are Gay, once again this is wrong and is just a ploy by the pink Mafia to promote their life style as normal. Let me quote the following Office of National Statistics “1.5 per cent of adults in the UK identified themselves as Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual.2.7 per cent of 16 to 24 year olds in the UK identified themselves as Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual compared with 0.4 per cent of 65 year olds and over.
3)  One strange caller said I am very protective of my Gay Friends, which I felt was a rather insulting statement to Gay people. Gay friends are the Black friends of 40 years ago when there was a lot of racial bigotry, the Liberal White people would always quote I have many Black friends just to show they were modern, now it is the Heterosexual Liberals who say I have many Gay Friends. Well I am sorry to disappoint I do not have any Gay friends and only know 4 Gay people to talk to. Does that make me Homophobic NO it means I have no Gay Friends that I know off, I am not in the habit of asking everyone I meet if they are Homosexual, Lesbian or Bi-sexual, maybe that does make me strange

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