Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Am I Racist

I recently put an article on Facebook Gossip Board about a local RC School putting out a letter in English and Polish. My point was that it would be better for integration if everyone learnt English in England. Most people agreed with me some did not and some of those made valid points about using both languages, Now you would have thought that would be the end of the subject NO there was a very small group who’s ideology does not allow the English language to be dominant in England and there chant was this was a Racist remark and Martin Clarke therefore must be a racist
For those who know me will know I travel all over the World with Judo and Sambo and have friends in many countries BUT what really makes the remarks stupid and unfounded is my Judo/Sambo Club at the Swale Martial Arts Club. Tonight (Tuesday) we had children and adults from Poland, South Africa, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia and France all speaking English and working together with the locals who are of different colours and ethnic groups. Now I and my club practise integration I it is also interesting to know most of our new members are from Eastern Europe also all are signs and notices are in English

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