Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fields of Athenry

I am on my holiday in Tenerife and on the Friday night we went to an Irish Bar where there was a guy playing Irish Music, I love it in fact some Irish friends of mine call me a Plastic Paddy. One of the songs always sung at place like this is The Fields of Athenry. This about a man stealing grain in the mid 1800’s to feed his family; he was caught and sent to Australia. Now I agree if you break the law you should be punished BUT this is somewhat extreme. Today if you are caught you would get a good telling off and sent to social for extra money to help pay for your mobile.
Yet on a more serious note here was man starving and in those days it was starvation and because he stole from a member of the Establishment he was punished in a draconian way. The Establishment in those days were the very rich who controlled every aspect of peoples lives. So have things changed well I think NOT because we are still controlled by the establishment but the establishment today is the Political Elite, Top Civil Servants, the Rich, Famous, Media and lefty Luvvies. Let me give you an example:

A Royal Marine is jailed for life for shooting dead a terrorist who had just killed and mutilated his squad, Tony Blair who started an Illegal war is not prosecuted and goes on to be a Multi Millionaire and is classified as respected Ex Prime Minster. So one justice for an ordinary Marine another for a rich politician

Hilary Clinton who will most probably become US President continually breaks the Law and who’s past is chequered to say the least BUT she is a member of the of the establishment again one law protects a rich member of the Establishment does the ordinary US citizen get the same protection?

Our recent Referendum was more the just a vote on EU it was a vote against the Establishment. Yet the Establishment still do not think that we peasants should have had the chance to vote as we know not we do, they still think they have the God given right to rules us without question or obligation.

I hope Trump wins in the US not for what he believes in but the fact he is anti establishment but it is unlikely as the whole of the Establishment are against him and ordinary Joe Public. Most of us believe we live in a democracy well really look at our country and tell me that is true?

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