Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cold Feet and Sex

Cold Feet has now finished have to admit I quite enjoyed it, the programme is about a group of Middle Class friends and their problems. I found it quite funny but what I cannot understand is how morals are portrayed in this type of production. You will find two 15 years olds caught having sex and the parents just laugh it off , now is it because they are middle class so that is OK I wonder what they would have called kids from a sink estate doing exactly the same? Does nobody ever question the morality of children some as young as 12 engaging in sexual activity or is that I am 66 and old fashioned?

We the had the obligatory Gay involvement have you noticed that every TV programme and films have a Gay involvement, same sex marriage etc. and the latest is transgender. The Film/TV industry is desperate to promote Gay people even though they only represent 1.5% of the population. What I found immoral was that a young man meets up with another Gay Man and with in a hour they are having sex in the toilets and the mother catches them and try’s to ignore it. Once again is this the type of thing done in Middle Class circles and what if the young man was from a sink estate  how would TV audiences react to that.

Surely there should be shown that the parents were upset about the fact that children were so promiscuous and that casual sex can result in many diseases? But am I just an old fuddy duddy who was a Young Man in the 1960’s who was taught a different type of Morals

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