Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Can you Trust the Media

One wonders how anyone can believe the Press or Media in the UK and USA anymore as it seems they all take the Establishment and Political Elite point of view. This was very much the focus of the Brexit campaign where they done the best to smear us who were in favour of Brexit. Now the same is happening with Donald Trump, why the British Press, Media etc spends so much time on an a US Election which we Brits have no say in is beyond me. Yet they do and try and smear him, the only way you can get an opposing view in this country is to go to Social Media in my case that is Facebook to get a view of that evil women Clinton
Most probably the BBC are the worst of them but have to say LBC are not far behind. On BBC they had a guy from the US Apprentice programme who went on to smear Trump this lasted 5 minutes. At no time did he have to prove he was even on the programme or that the was telling the truth but the BBC allowed this rant to go on. So you would have thought there would be some balance? At the end of the Interview the BBC said the Trump campaign in a statement that the everything this man said was false and unsubstantiated, was anyone from the Trump campaign interviewed NO
Many Republican Establishment figures say they will not vote for Trump. So they vote for Clinton. Yet it was the ordinary people of the Republican Party who voted for Trump to be the candidate mainly because all the other candidates were seen as just another load of Establishment Politicians. If Trump does not win the Election which I doubt if he will, the sustained assault is beyond belief, you will see Clinton in for 8 years unless she is impeached. The Republican Party will not hold Office for the next 20 odd years because of the Treachery of the Republican Establishment. The US needs another Political Party to appose the Establishment it will never produce a President but it can be an excellent pressure group. Remember how UKIP forced the Government to have a Referendum which has led to us leaving the EU

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