Thursday, October 13, 2016

King Kong Assaulted me in 1956

In 1956 when I was 6 years old a famous Film Star dressed as an Ape tried to pull my trousers down and touch me inappropriately that Star was King Kong.

What a load of Hogwash I made that up to offend King Kong.

Yet we now have 30 women claiming Donald Trump sexually assaulted them? Is that story any sillier then mine NO. I can not prove that King Kong touched me but you know its is a fabrication because it is so ridiculous, so why are the Media printing ridiculous stories about Trump with out any proof? The best one is the women who said he put his hand up her skirt 30 years ago. 30 years ago why has it taken so long for her to come forward? I expect she will say it was because she was traumatised an all the problems she has had over the last 30 years was because of this incident or is it because she can see an easy way to make money and fame. I hope Trump sues all them and if I were a US citizen I would vote for him not because I like him but because the Establishment, which includes Politicians, Media and Press, are doing their best to destroy him.

 Yet why is it that people can come out of the woodwork and make complaints about Celebrities etc. and the Media Press automatically believe them with out checking the facts this is extremely bad journalism. Many people’s lives are wrecked by false allegations but if you are very rich you can fight back like Cliff Richard is doing. What is worse if this trend carries on the people who are genuine will not be heard and the guilty will go free all because a journalist wants a story

If you are a Yank vote Trump and put two fingers up to the discredited, Lying Establishment and it’s Lap Dogs

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