Saturday, October 08, 2016

Visit Ramsgate, Luddenham Church

Even though the weather has changed we are still at our Static weekends, this weekend we visited Ramsgate. It has been many years since I was here for those who can remember my Father Nobby Clarke taking Judo teams to Europe 40 years ago, you will remember travelling on the Sally Line, which used to leave from Ramsgate. In those days it was an adventure to travel to Europe and the Sally Line was a delight especially the Smörgåsbord which is a type of Scandinavian meal, originating in Sweden, served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on a table


On this occasion we spent most of the time around the harbour, which has a multitude of Café’s and curiosity shops. Yet once again I did not listen to Val. A Lorry was parked by the dockside I thought I had plenty of room to get by BUT  all Val said you will not get through, sadly to say she was right and I ripped my wing mirror off. I expect I will never hear the last of that. Also there was an Old USA Gun Boat in the harbour which patrolled the Rhine in the 1950's which is now I believe a Houseboat. Mind you we could do with some of these to Patrol the Channel to stop those Illegal Refugees ie criminals coming over here


Our main reason to going there was to get some Lobsters what Val did not realise these Lobsters were live and had to be put in Boiling water to cook and kill them. This I am told it is the most Humane way of dealing with them. Many people squirm at things like this but if you eat meat or fish you have to accept the fact they are killed. 

Any way I got Val to hold a couple of live ones she was far from happy doing this. The price of the Lobsters £10 for the 10 year old and £15 for the 30 years old we also had some seafood, Jellied Eels, Prawns, Whelks, Cockles LUVLY GRUB


Ramsgate is worth a visit even if you do not like seafood

Also on my travels we stopped at St Mary's Church Luddenham Nr Faversham,  do love these old buildings something which make us English and a proud nation. This Church is in the back of beyond but right next door is a farm with a butchers Shop which must be good as people travel miles to purchase their meat


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