Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Food Waste and the cost of the pound

I have included a photo of an Apple Orchard on the Lower Road Teynham to Faversham, notice the waste and one wonders why grow Apples if you do not intend to Harvest them or is there an EU Grant for growing fruit?

The reason I brought the subject up is because of the falling pound the cost of importing food would cost more, this was welcomed by remoaners, who rejoiced in price increases. Yet Daniel Hannan MEP said on leaving the EU food would be cheaper because a lot of bureaucratic red tape would be removed.

Yet would it be such a bad thing if imported food was to become more expensive? There has never been so much Food wasted in the UK over the last decade and why because it is to cheap, by reducing imports we will cut back on Travel or food miles as they now call it, this would be good for the environment, do we really need to import Ostrich, Kiwi Fruit etc and many other exotic fare and why import Apples when we are not picking the ones we have already. British Farmers would benefit as we would be forced to eat British .

The intelligencer, political elite, luvvies are always condemning the 1950’s and 1960’s and many of them along with celebrities chefs would laugh at what we ate in  those days. No we did not have all the fancy foods, sauces etc, ready-made meals and the only take away was a Fish and Chip shop. Yet we never went hungry, as our Mums would be there when we got home from school or work with a cooked meal, we ate what was in season. Yes in those days there was a quaint idea that Mum looked after the kids and done the cooking. The experts of today condemned the food of the 50's 60's etc
as boring and soggy that maybe true but one thing is for sure you very rarely saw a Fat person or someone with an inhaler.

 Obviously our lifestyles have changed mostly for the better but sometimes we can learn from the past. Preparing meals and eating seasonally plus eating at meal times can make us healthy and may even save us money

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